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Hello Every one, I am Mayank Pandeyz aka Foating Shoes, basically from the heart of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh (Gwalior). I am another IT guy who is writting code from Monday to Friday in some IT company and on weekend I go on trips or reading or writing some travel blogs.

According to me - "Traveling is the only way by which one can live different life's in a single life, like we are a trekker when climbing a mountain, a boat man while doing rafting, a pahadi during a pahadi trip, a private beach owner during a beach trip, and yes of course a story-teller as well"

I always prefer to ask the roads from local people instead of using Google Map, by this way I get the chance to talk to strangers and to get the knowledge of their own place. I Always take normal buses to travel because passenger in these buses are more talkative and they can tell the things about their culture, life style.

By using this platform, I want to share my travel experinces to the people who don't get the chance to go to such places so that they can see the world through my eyes. I will take you to the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh, a temple situted in Himalaya, beaches of Diu, the highest temple of lord Shiva and many more.

Yes I have a pair of magical floating shoes, by using them I float from one place to another :P

And the most important thing is, my blogs are available in English & Hindi, read them in the language you prefer :)

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